Understand Neuromarketing and Salesbrain

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Generating The Perfect Face For Your Ad

What is the perfect face for a beauty ad? And which would you use for domestic violence prevention?

In advertising, the primary mission is to promote products or to convey ideas using persuasive language and images. Faces are a key aspect of ads and are often portrayed differently depending on the product advertised and message communicated. But what makes a face visually persuasive?
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 Neuromarketing to influence what brands you buy

Shopping is a long series of decisions; not necessarily right or wrong decisions, just decisions.

As we roam through shops, our brain unceasingly processes incoming stimuli, compares this information with past experiences, makes a decision and finally translates it into muscle movement. Outwardly, we pick an item and add it to our shopping cart.
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Retail & Packaging

Neuromarketing – the analysis and optimisation of marketing strategies using methods from neuroscience – is a relatively new addition to the marketing expert’s arsenal. Only a decade has passed since the term first appeared in marketing journals.


Website & eCommerce

Neuromarketing can make a contribution to website design in powerful ways.
Eye tracking applied to website viewing has shown that gaze patterns are determined by two types of attention:
Bottom-up attention & Top-down attention

Brand Performance

Turn your brand into a legend


Conduct sophisticated surveys to reveal what makes your brand strong in consumers' perception and what is preventing them from loving it


Try surveys and implicit tests to understand which features and characteristics make your brand special 


Use implicit tests to analyze what influenced consumers’ intention to buy the product


Understand which characteristics consumers correlate with a particular brand


Compare several brands to find out the uniqueness of each of them in consumers’ understanding

Product Experience

Advanced brand research tools for your needs
Ask consumers via powerful surveys and measure their nonconscious reactions via implicit tests at the same time. Use the power of neuro-tools to find out in depth how your brand performs.


> Brand Health Diagnostic
> Brand Tracking (awareness, loyalty, associations)
> Brand Perception & Recognition


> Brand Positioning & Touchpoint Research
> Brand Elements Implicit Testing (name, logo, color)
> Rebranding: Brand Identity Examination


> New Brand: Concept Perception
> Brand Value
> Brand's Mental Availability/Brand Salience