Mouse Tracking

Discover how customers browse

Mouse Tracing gives you accurate data on consumer online behavior. 

  1. Mouse movements and clicks show you if consumers choose to click on your banner  ad, what they do next and when they leave the page.
  2. No hardware is needed, our sophisticated algorithms do the job for you.
  3. Data output is presented in a form of statistics based on your area of interest. It is a  great way to understand noticeability of small elements, action buttons, links and make sure customers find what they are looking for.

NeuroLab for Print Advertisement

Enhance your advertisement:

• Is your ad visible? Does it stand out from  the rest? 

• How effective is your branding?

• How effective is your message?

• What consumers feel when they look at  your ad? 

• What emotion does each particular  element brings out in your consumers? 

• How much attention does your ad and its elements get? 

How it works:

• All you need to do is to upload an image of your ad to the questionnaire. 

• NeuroLab will record consumers’ gaze, consumers’ level of attention and emotions at each particular moment. 

• Results will be delivered to you in an  automated report in a real time.