Eye Tracking

Get the reliable insights via eye tracking integrated with surveys

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Get to Know What Consumers See

Eye Tracking is a technology that allows you to understand what a person is really looking at while watching advertising, viewing design layouts, browsing a website, etc. It is the most objective method to measure consumers' attention.
With eye tracking you can easily test:
·  Video materials

·  Live websites (UX/UI)

·  Images (print ads, online banners, etc.

·  Packages/product concept 

·  Product shelf placement

Introduction to Eye Tracking

What is Eye Tracking?
Eye tracking technology allows researchers to observe viewing patterns and understand what a person is looking at. It is a quick and easy way to analyze how your target audience reacts to the marketing tools you employ for communication. It allows you to determine which tools work and which do not.
Eye tracking helps to find the answers the following questions:
·  What marketing elements capture the gaze of the consumer?
·  What drives the decision-making process?
·  Which parts of the communication process do consumers focus on, and which parts do they ignore?
This tool helps to understand what you should refine or change in your marketing in order to attract more customers. It helps you to make a product more attractive and to increase customer base.
Why use Eye Tracking?
It is crucial to understand how your brand colors or new website design are perceived by your target audience. Thanks to eye tracking, you will be able to intercept a person’s reaction before they are able to filter it and present it to you in a distorted or subjective way. You will know with a high degree of certainty what people see and what they do not see.

Eye Tracking Solutions

Eye Tracking for Websites 
Eye tracking will give you an understanding of how good your website’s navigation is. It can show how effective the banner ads on the site are, which elements of the site draw the most attention, and which parts are likely to be overlooked. You will be able to track the actions of the user from the beginning of the session until the final purchase.
Eye Tracking for Shelf Placement
Our software can display a product in a range of random shelf positions, varying the position for every new user. The results of this test are impossible to fake, as the answers it produces are not subject to the personal prejudices and opinions of the respondent.
The unique and important feature that we offers to researchers in a shelf placement tests is 'rotation' and 'stick to previous' options. 'Rotation' allows you test products placed in a different order on a shelf from one respondent to another. 'Stick to previous' enables you to lock two items on a shelf (e.g. Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles) so they would always stay next to each other, no matter the rotation.
Eye Tracking for Video Materials
Whether you are analyzing an advertising clip or other video content, you will be able to see what the user paid most attention to during viewing. Eye tracking test will help you to iron out any costly mistakes before the video goes public. It is a great way to test your logo visibility, as well messaging in your commercial.
Eye Tracking for Advertisement
It is a real challenge to grab viewer’s attention with an advertisement. Eye Tracking helps to find out how eye-catching are any advertising materials (videos, pictures, etc.). You will be able to see how people react to your advertisement, both individually and when placed alongside other visual materials. You will also be able to identify the most effective position for your advertisement.
Eye Tracking for Packaging and Design
Eye tracking technology allows you to determine the visibility of your product or branding in relation to similar products or brands in your segment. It offers insight into the effectiveness of your design in attracting attention within the context of market conditions and in comparison to competitors or other brands that are likely to be present in the same marketing environment as your brand.