Ad Performance

Create catchy ad campaigns, test their effectiveness and predict their success before launching


Make your ad worthy of spreading

Test and improve its digital advertising effectiveness before rolling it out to a broader target market.

Gain deep and smart insights needed to make Facebook ads, billboard advertising, and TV advertising work as they should work.

Find out how consumers respond to your creative advertising and fulfill your advertising goals.

Boost your ad performance with the smartest insights

Understand where attention goes
Measure advertising effectiveness by using eye tracking for understanding what people notice
Adjust the ad video in a smart way
Detect the shots that can be cut and focus on the most emotional and attractive moments only

Increase brand memorability

See if people notice the main points of your advertisement and how it influences the memorability of your brand

Identify negative moments

Discover what makes people sad to reduce such moments and improve ad performance


Know the best brand placement

Understand where the logo will perform the best

Find out the triggers that affect a purchase decision

Get to know how consumers perceive the ad massages and what makes them make the decision to buy a product or not to buy

See through consumers' eyes, understand through their brains and perceive through their emotions to make your advertisement noticeable and memorable. Using neuro-tools will help you to test your ads second by second to find out which messages, shot and character in your ad work better.

· Campaign Pre-testing
· Ad Impact on Awareness
· Ad Perception & Persuasiveness

· Video ads responsiveness
· Creatives Design A/B Testing
· Consumer Emotion Detection

· Consumer attitude and behavior feedback analysis
· Other promo materials tests

  1. Catch attention and be noticed - Test and reduce ad fatigue in order to launch only your winning ad campaigns
  2. Build an emotional connection - Make customers remember the brand and its values by provoking strong emotions in their souls.
  3. Create engaging messages - Provoke curiosity and desire, grab consumers' attention and get them to read on, watch on or listen on