If you listen a little deeper your customers are telling you exactly how they want
you to sell to them. And your rivals are showing you their weaknesses and
where you can position to take business from them.

We cover visual and verbal language as well as semiotics, where needed.
Bob, our word geek robot, hears the psychology in language that us humans miss.
But it’s our people, with our strategic and practical experience, that bring Bob’s
data to life. We also drive the semiotics and visual analysis.

Their psychological framing
Attitudes towards change
Links to people and places
Sensory preferences
Emotional states
Information needs

Established in 1999, Brand Image is a Marketing Consultancy and Corporate Training Company specializing in Branding, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Neuro marketing.

Brand Image has been working on Neuromarketing in Pakistan for over 5 years, being one of the very few companies to conduct trainings and consultancy in Neuromarketing.

Recently, Brand Image has joined hands with US based neuro-marketing company and has introduced a technology based solution enabling it to seek out and analyze what consumers really see, think and feel outside of conscious mind.

We believe in selling solutions, not just technologies

Smart Behavioral Insights (IMPROVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT) Discover and validate what consumers see, think, and feel beyond their conscious control

Deep insights. (Faster. Cheaper. Better). A deeper understanding of consumers means better predicting their preferences and intention. The AI-powered survey engine integrated with webcam Eye Tracking, Emotion Measurement, Implicit tests, EEG and Website Behavior Tracking allows you to uncover not only what consumers do but also WHY they do it. This innovative approach will accelerate brand progress, reduce research costs, make your marketing impactful as never before.

· Marketers in their zest to create value and build sustainable brands- remain hungry for insights into consumer behavior.

· This info is so vital in the burgeoning competition that it can make all the difference between success & failure.

· With quantitative and qualitative research, companies across the globe and in Pakistan are now spending sizable amounts in absorbing the impulsive reptilian mind of consumers with the help of various technologies and tools.

· Marketers are invariably trying to explore consumers’ minds to find the buying buttons that will put them into action to purchase their brands.

· However, the fundamental drawback of these researches are that consumers cannot verbalize their actual feelings!

What people say and the emotions they show often differ greatly.

Brandimage has delivered an inspiring debrief and videos for each brand, making it easy to put their discoveries into action – from positioning work right down to packaging design

Do you know your market generics from your differentiators? Need to accurately position your brand? Want to connect your comms to consumers’ deeper needs? Call or email us now.

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